Smaller than a grain of sand, a fake Vuitton handbag sold for over $63,000

63,000 dollars at auction: this is the price at which a bag smaller than a grain of rice, observable under a microscope, was sold. A nano it-bag imagined by the MSCHF collective and which has made the rounds on social networks.

Louis vuitton under Microscope

Accustomed to creating buzz through its original creations, such as the red boots inspired by the cartoon Astro Boy, the MSCHF group auctioned off a nano bag, so small that it looks like a colored dot on the finger. What can we learn from this piece that pushes fashion codes and plays with the trend of micro bags?

A replica of a Louis Vuitton model

This microscopic bag is inspired by one of Louis Vuitton’s most famous bags. Called OnTheGo, the model is characterized by its rectangular shape and its ideal depth for storing all your belongings. A shopping bag appropriated by the MSCHF collective, without the authorization of the French luxury house. The group’s micro bag uses the OnTheGo design in a yellow and fluorescent green logo version.

Louis vuitton Microscope

Dimensions reduced to the maximum

While Louis Vuitton’s OnTheGo bags can accommodate a phone, notepad, wallet, and tote bag, the MSCHF mini bag literally can’t accommodate anything. And for good reason: its dimensions are 657 by 222 by 700 micrometers. If this size is difficult to visualize, it could correspond to a grain of sand or salt. A template that plays with miniature bags, such as the Chiquito by Jacquemus and the Hourglass mini model by Balenciaga.

“As a once functional object like a handbag becomes smaller and smaller, its status as an object becomes more and more abstract, until it is no more than a brand signifier” , explains MSCHF on Instagram.

63,000 dollars: The price of avant-gardism

Sold by the Joopiter auction house, founded by the artistic director of Louis Vuitton Pharrell Williams, the “Microscopic Handbag” model has found its buyer. To acquire it, the latter paid no less than 63,000 dollars! An astronomical sum for a bag which, by its concept, proves above all to be an artistic work driven by a certain reflection on the world of luxury and fashion.

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