In the mid-2010s, backpacks began making a notable comeback. Once associated mainly with schoolchildren or travelers, the smart silhouette started appearing in the collections of nearly every luxury brand.

Initially, there were doubts about whether backpacks could exude luxury, often seen as too juvenile. However, despite strong opinions, the trend gained momentum.

Dior Backpack new

This was largely attributed to their practicality; they offered hands-free convenience, were typically lightweight, and often served as a more affordable option within a designer’s bag lineup. The trend persisted longer than expected, becoming a wardrobe staple for many handbag enthusiasts.

Dior Backpack Black

However, the widespread use of backpacks began to decline as the new decade intersected with a global pandemic, confining consumers to their homes for much of the year. Backpack selections dwindled, and while their shape remained timeless, the trend appeared to fade.

Now, Dior is reintroducing the Backpack, led by Maria Grazia Chiuri, who has the power to sway consumers to embrace this style once again.

Meet the Dior Backpack

Simply named the Dior Backpack, this fresh design from the House was conceived by Maria Grazia Chiuri and debuted on the Spring 2024 runway.

Blending a utilitarian essence with Dior’s renowned craftsmanship, it emanates the timeless Dior aesthetic with contemporary functionality. Leather straps adorned with chain details at the base offer both comfort and style.

Dior Backpack

Available in Maxicannage, a modern interpretation of a classic code, and featuring Dior’s iconic Oblique logo print, the bag is distinguished by its petite gilded CD initials.

In terms of versatility, this bag offers various carrying options, including a detachable top handle and adjustable straps that can be converted into a shoulder strap.

Dior Backpack

Sporting a traditional drawstring closure, the interior, although compact, provides ample space for essentials like a long wallet, iPhone, and other miscellaneous items, thanks to its elongated shape.

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